Road Show Hits Road……

The Seattle Archives Preservation Road Show will be hitting the road!

We’ll be holding court with other Puget Sound repositories at the Archives Fair at the Seattle Public Library (Oct. 5th 2011 – Central Branch – 10th Floor). Bring your preservation questions.  We’ll bring answers.  Visit with other archivists, librarians, and museum professionals.

We also have a new home at the Archival Advocate, which is dedicated to Archives and cultural institutes in Washington State.  What’s the Seattle Preservation Road Show?  Find out at our new home.  We’ve moved our resources and event activity.


Roadshow Photographs

Want to seeCourtesy of Matthew S. Browning Photography some photos of the Roadshow? Check out Seattle Area Archivists’ Flickr Photostream.

All images courtesy of Matthew S. Browning Photography.

New Resource

I found a great resource for any personal archivists out there: the Practical Archivist.  She can help you organize photographs and preserve family treasures.

Try out her answer machine for preservation questions.

She also has some good book and hardware/software recommendations.

Follow her on Twitter at @sally_j


An Overdue Thanks…..

Courtesy of Matthew Browning Photography






Thank you to all who volunteered and came to the Roadshow in May (the first sunny day of spring no less).  In my opinion, it was a success and a great foundation on which to build a public preservation program in the area!  Check out our resources page.

Also, thank you all who gave suggestions on how to improve the Roadshow for next year.  It’s a work in progress and any and all suggestions are welcome.

We met a lot of great people and got a chance to see some great family and personal artifacts.  We hope to integrate the Roadshow into other events in the area, always eager to help people preserve their personal or family archives.

Personal Digital Archivists of the World Unite…..

Here’s a frank and honest post about a personal digital photographs by Bill LeFurgy over at the Library of Congress blog, The Signal.

Confessions of an imperfect personal digital archivist

Your not alone.  Archivists are not always the best personal records keepers.  I could definitely heed more of my own advice.



This Saturday………Roadshow!

Less than two full days stands between you and the Seattle Archives Preservation Roadshow.

Would you like to win an “Archivist-for-a-day” or maybe preservation supplies?  Stop on by……

Do you want to get advice on how to preserve family documents and photographs? Stop on by…………

Thirteen days until the Roadshow

Do you have family photographs that you don’t want to see disappear or degrade?

Are you inundated by your digital materials and afraid of a hard drive crash?

Do you want to know what to do with those high school love letters so you can show your kids?

Do you want to know how to do family or community oral histories to preserve important stories?

On May 14th, ARCHIVISTS at the Seattle Archives Preservation Roadshow can help you answer these questions and many more.  Click here for more information.