Archives….Believe it or Not!

You think your BS detector is well calibrated and fine tuned.  Well, come to the Seattle Archives Preservation Roadshow on May 14th and test it out.  We’ll provide a few items and accompanying descriptions.  Your job is to decide whether they are true or false.  Sounds easy, right?  Come and find out.  If you guess correctly, you can win preservation prizes such as preservation books (Saving Stuff and An Ounce of Preservation) to get you started, a preservation prize pack, and a year membership to MOHAI.

Let’s test your skills.

The Tintype on the left is August Kautz, who served in the U.S. Army at Fort Steilacoom. Kautz defended the Nisqually chief Leschi against Governor Stevens.  He eventually became a general during the Civil War….true or false?  Click here for the answer.

The event, parking, and all the activities are all free, and that’s no BS.


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