May 14, 2011 Event

National Archives and Records Administration (NARA), Pacific Alaska Region
6125 Sand Point Way NE Directions Seattle, Washington 98115-7999
Saturday May, 14 2011
10:00 AM – 2:00 PM

Open Tables: During the open hours of 10:00 – 2:00, bring in your treasures and questions about archival materials of any format and get advice from Seattle archivists and museum professionals.  No reservation is necessary.  Visit all the tables! There will be a table staffed with knowledgeable profession who can answer any number of questions about:

1. Paper and Manuscripts

2. Photographic Prints and Negatives

3. Audio

4. Moving Images

5. Digital (General)

Workshops: Get in more depth advice on specific topics in preservation.

1. Preservation of Photographic Prints and Negatives

2. Oral History as Preservation

3. Preservation of Moving Images

Activities and Drawings: Win preservation prizes!!!!

1. Archives….Believe it or not: guess whether archivists are pulling “a fast one on you”.  If you guess correctly, you can win preservation books, supplies, and other materials.

2. Fill out a raffle ticket for a drawing to win an Archivist-for-a-day.

3. Come see displays of the dangers of NON preservation…..


ALA Bookmarks

Preservation of Magnetic Media

How to Preserve Tour Own Digital Materials

Save Your Treasures the Right Way

Home Storage of Film

Home Movie Recovery

Caring for Your Treasures: Photographs

Caring for Your Treasures: Documents and Art on Paper

Caring for Your Treasures: Home Video Tape

Caring for your Photographs: General Guidelines



10 responses to “May 14, 2011 Event

  1. I am taking the Family History and Genealogy program at UW this year. I would love to be included on your emails and notices of upcoming events.

    • Jennifer Hawkins

      That’s great! We look forward to seeing you there. There will be a sheet at the registration table where you can leave us your email, and we will keep you posted on future events, especially the Archives Fair in October!

      Jennifer Hawkins
      Seattle Area Archivists

  2. Can you send me info on the archives fair in Oct.?

  3. Hi. I have another obligation that I can’t change on May 14th. Will there be another opportunity to attend an event like this soon? I am just beginning a project to preserve old documents, pictures, etc for a non profit organization I belong to.


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