If you said False, then you’re correct.  This is not in fact August Kautz.  If you look closely at the album, his name if printed below the tintype.  The Union soldier’s name is Tipton and he’s from Pennsylvania.   Kautz was a general during the Civil War.

That was easy! The Archives: Believe it or Not items at the Roadshow will be a little more difficult than this.


3 responses to “Answer

  1. Are you sure this is a tintype? It looks like a cabinet card. I wish I could make this event but have a conflict. Are there other days scheduled for Seattle area this year?
    Bill Grant

    • Bill,

      Good eye. You’re right, it’s probably an albumen print mounted on a cabinet card. If it were a tintype, the buttons would be reversed. Unfortunately, I don’t have the original. It’s from a family album that I thought were all tintypes. Hopefully, we will be having more events throughout the year. We can add you to our email list if you like.

  2. I agree. Yes please add me to your email list and thanks for your time and I hope the event on Saturday draws a lot of folks.

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